What is projecting?

Projecting means attributing our own traits or behavior to other people in order to justify our own behavior and traits.

People project their insecurities and repressed emotions on other people because they have not dealt with them properly.

Through projecting, the person feels like they are not alone in whatever they do. Problem is, they have themselves labeled such behavior as toxic, poor, or bad but cannot acknowledge being guilty of it themselves.

This is a sign of deep-rooted insecurities and that’s exactly what we can call living in denial.

Because that’s what it is.

Instead of admitting and taking responsibility, people tend to live in denial and refuse to admit their wrongdoings.

Instead, and given the fact that those are real things they cannot simply ignore, they project them on other people as a way of getting rid of the responsibility of their acts while justifying to themselves that if others do it they have the right to do it.

A liar will often accuse people of lying because they want to rationalize their behavior by forcing themselves to believe that they in fact do not have a problem and lying is a common thing.

That’s the subconsciously implied result they’re seeking.

In their conscious mind, they do not know or think that they’re seeking validation.

To them, they are pointing out behavior that is familiar to them.

A fake empathy manifests through an attempt to make the person in front feel guilt and shame.

Now the real question:

How do we stop projecting on others?

Listen, I’ll never say this enough.

You have to meditate and journal.

It’s not “better if you do it”.


Journaling and meditation keep you in check.

It allows you times of self-reflection, developing self-awareness, and eventually leads you to personal growth.

When we become more self-aware, we start detaching our emotions from real-life situations, we develop more rational thinking.

One that is not clouded by insecurities.

If you want to get rid of your insecurities, you need to know them first.

Self reflect. Define. Improve.

Even if it’s not a daily habit, make it a recurring thing in your calendar.

Every once in a while reconsider and revaluate yourself.

Here is a little tip, take the time to think back on the times you feel your emotional side taking over.

You were probably projecting.

That’s why when we get angry or mad we tend to say things we regret, things we don’t even believe to be 100% true.

That’s because it’s your insecurities talking.

Focus on your mental health and get to know yourself so you don’t need to subconsciously try to validate your behavior through others.

How does one stop projecting?

Awareness -> Responsibility -> Clarity

In that order.

In that order.

And let me tell you, this is not just to stop projecting but also to reach higher levels of self-awareness.

Most people overlook those aspects and then wonder why their lives are shit.

We tend to hide and avoid thinking about things that make us uncomfortable.

That leads to making them even more uncomfortable and sometimes developing insecurities and complexes.

A random example is “I’m afraid of approaching strangers”.

Instead of simply putting it this way, people will start saying things like “I have social anxiety”.

In reality, what they’re doing is subconsciously relieving themselves from responsibility.

They treat it as a fact that they have no control over.

The reality is they’re simply not aware that THEY are in control of what they do.

As opposed to someone who is fully aware of what they do wrong and takes responsibility for it.

That’s where Clarity comes.

Once you’re aware of how much control you have over your fears, once you understand that YOU make them, you automatically and naturally become a lot more peaceful as you know exactly what you need to do to fix your issues.

Things are THAT SIMPLE.

Face your shit.

Break free from the downward spiral.

Embrace the upward spiral.

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