How to Bury Your Old Self

If you really are determined to change. If you think that you DO NOT want to be the person you are anymore. If you think that there is no choice but to change. Prepare for a tough time. Then enjoy your happy life. This article is an actionable clearly laid out strategy.

The first thing you need to do if you want to bury your old self is ACCEPT who you are. You
CANNOT be someone else. You can only evolve. There is nothing wrong with you, you are the most perfect being IN YOUR universe. The only universe you should care of.

Introspection is the best way to understand oneself.

Point clear and out the following:

  • The traits you want to have
  • The traits you want to get rid of
  • What events made you who you are?
  • What people influenced you?
  • Who is TOXIC to your development?

Write everything down.

For the next three days, you will read everything you wrote down twice a day. When you wake up, before you go to bed.

Let that information locate into your conscious mind. Your subconscious already knows.

Now that you have accepted who you are, it is time to cut down the poisonous snakes around you.

If you are the way you are, something you do not like, it is most likely because you are
around the wrong people.

If everyone around you is poisonous. Get yourself new friends.

Once you break down yourself, you can rebuild it. Start writing down your daily wins. Small and big, all of them matter.

Discipline is built with consistency and satisfaction.

Reward yourself for each win.

Small wins are still wins. Get used to Victory.

Writing down your wins will help you visualize your potential. Picture it and let yourself get to the next level.

Gamify your life. Imagine each win as experience points.

Now level up.

If you follow the advice of this article, in 21 days you will sense palpable improvement in your peace of mind. In 3 weeks, you will be a happier person.

Stop denying yourself and hiding from it. Embrace and evolve.

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  1. I do have a self that I want to bury and put behind me.. Procrastination is one of the demons I battle and I’m really gonna take your word seriously.
    Many thanks for this piece of information.


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